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equine chiropractic
Equine Functional Electrical Stimulation physical therapy
Equine LASER


is often referred to as a "chiropractic adjustment". It is a manual therapy that treats joints and soft tissues that have a reduced range of motion. Areas of restriction and decreased joint mobility can lead to muscle spasms, inflammation of nerves and decreased function of muscles and joints, resulting in pain. A spinal adjustment causes reflex relaxation of affected muscles and increased spinal mobility.  


is an outstanding therapy to reduce back muscle spasm and provide normal mobility of joints. FES is the only electrostimulation system that produces contraction and relaxation of both superficial and deep muscle groups.  (It is not like TENS, which only provides some pain relief, not functional muscle contraction). FES strengthens muscle without any wear and tear on the limbs and  improves range of motion.


is a noninvasive, high-energy sound wave treatment commonly used in human and veterinary medicine. It is backed by peer reviewed scientific studies and helps the body in relieving pain, speeding healing, and improving the quality of healing. It is ideal to aid in pain relief and treatment of tendon and ligament injuries, bone injuries, osteoarthritis, navicular disease and kissing spines.


therapy works through a process called photobiomodulation. Light energy stimulates cellular enzymes which increases production of growth factors and natural anti-inflammatory chemicals. It decreases inflammation, speeds wound healing (including fly sores) and improves the quality of repair in tendon and ligament injuries. Laser therapy is non invasive, painless and beneficial for pain relief and back soreness.

Equine therapeutic ultrasound


uses low frequency sound waves that penetrate deep into tissue without creating heat at the skin surface. It results in deep tissue-heating and is effective in treating musculoskeletal injuries and especially sore muscles and scar tissue.

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