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Ultrasound Training For Veterinarians

Foundations Equine Ultrasound

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Hosted by Circle Communites

Stallside Ultrasound Guide - Now Available!!

The ULTIMATE equine ultrasound reference App in your pocket

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  • In an App format and designed to be used in the field.

  • Original anatomical dissections, reference images and "How To" videos

  • Can be viewed on your phone, device or computer

  • Front Limb including:

Foot, Pastern, Fetlock, Metacarpus, Carpus/Carpal Canal

  • Hind Limb including:

Metatarsus, Hock and Stifle

Foundations in Equine Ultrasound

RACE approved online course series 

  • A unique virtual wet lab course featuring a split screen camera with the live probe position and ultrasound image presented simultaneously.​

  • Original anatomical dissections are presented to  review  and illustrate the relevant anatomy.​

  • Demonstration of HOW to obtain excellent diagnostic images and practical tips to improve your image quality in the field


Session 1 - Flexor Tendons, Inferior Check Ligament and                     Fetlock

Session 2 - Front and Hind Suspensory Ligaments

Session 3 - Pastern and Foot

Session 4 - Stifle


Available ON DEMAND


(Available on demand after those dates)

7 - 8 pm EST


Session 5 - Shoulder and Elbow - May 8, 2024 


Session 6 - Carpus and Carpal Canal - June 12, 2024 


Session 7 - Neck and Back - July 10, 2024


Session 8 - Pelvis - August 14, 2024

Session 9 - Hock - September 11, 2024

Lifetime access to recordings, no expiration date!

Money back guarantee

If, after the first session, you do not feel that this course has met your needs, the registration fee will be refunded. (No refunds can be made after you have received RACE credits)

 Ultrasound of the Equine Stifle

(Hard Cover Book)

  • Spiral bound waterproof guide to stifle ultrasound designed to be used in the field.

  • 22 pages of anatomical dissections, reference images and directions on HOW to achieve outstanding images.

The Stifle Book is now ready to ship!
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