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starts with a comprehensive whole horse exam that  detects subtle signs of pain that are often mistaken for bad behavior. We listen to your horse!! Ultrasound and X-ray  imaging provide a complete diagnosis, allowing targeted treatment of the problem. We focus on regenerative treatments because they are extremely effective with no negative side effects and harness your horse's innate healing power.


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complement traditional Sports Medicine and help heal injuries and prevent future problems. Spinal Manipulation (chiropractic) and Acupuncture  aid in pain management and mobility. Rehabilitation modalities including Functional Electrical Stimulation, shock wave therapy, LASER and Therapeutic Ultrasound are combined with therapeutic ground exercises to optimize your horse's comfort, recovery and return to performance.


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can be physically and emotionally challenging for both the horse and the owner. Our facilities and staff are horse friendly, and personalized care helps decrease your horse's stress during recovery. We are here to help by providing full care, in-house rehabilitation. Often horses that go through our rehabilitation program perform at a higher level than they did before their injury. Let us help your horse successfully recover and return to competition!



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